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Cosmecare USA, headquartered in Bedford, MA, is a renowned New England-based company with a rich history in serving individuals and professional salons.

Cosmecare was established in Paris in 1998, and has evolved into a multinational organization known as the Cosmecare International, operating on a global scale. Building upon a strong foundation, we as Cosmecare have expanded our reach and diversified our portfolio, specializing in hair care and hair loss treatment.

In 2015, Cosmecare USA, the subsidiary of Cosmecare, was established in the United States. With a vision to cater to the diverse needs of our American clientele, we set out to make a mark in the hair care industry.

Our journey in the United States began with the acquisition of GF Distributors in 2017, enabling us to enhance our product offerings and strengthen our presence in the market. In 2018, we proudly introduced two revolutionary brands, Chopperhead and Hairskeen USA, to address the growing demands for innovative hair solutions.

Hairskeen USA became the top brand for Hair Replacement for Men in the USA in 2021, and since 2023, Hairskeen has the Largest Network of Certified Professionals in the country. This milestone reflects our dedication to fostering a community of highly skilled experts in the field of hair replacement.

Today, Cosmecare USA and its various brands have emerged as top players in hair replacement treatments across the United States. Our success can be attributed to our comprehensive service, encompassing professional training, the delivery of high-quality products, and an extensive range of hair systems to suit every individual's needs.

At Cosmecare, we are passionate about helping individuals regain their confidence and transform their lives through our innovative hair care solutions. Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to set new benchmarks in the industry and empower people around the world.